Art - Painting & Sculpture
Abstract Fish No. 4
Invisible Boundaries
Katonah museum of Art
Berman Museum of Art
Various Commissions
James Prosek: Ocean Fishes
Art in Embassies
Field Guide: James Prosek's Un/Natural World
James Prosek:
Walk in the Woods
Smithsonian American
Art Museum
Strut: The Peacock
and Beauty in Art
James Prosek:
Three Americans, 2014
James Prosek:
Wondrous Strange
James Prosek:
Wall of Silhouettes
The Peacock and the Cobra:
James Prosek among the
Arts of South Asia
James Prosek:
The Spaces in Between
Like a Bird: Avian Ecologies in
Contemporary Art
Teaming with Nature
First Look: Collecting
for Philadelphia
Tandem Pursuits:
Armor & Ichthyology
Gallery at the
Nature Conservancy
Domestic, Wild, Divine:
Artists Look at Animals
James Prosek: Ocean Fishes,
Birds and Curiosities
James Prosek:
Abstract Nature
James Prosek: Ocean Fishes
Academy of Natural Sciences
MoMA Studio:
Common Senses
James Prosek: Blue Marlin
National Academy of Sciences
Ocean Fishes
Un-natural History
Oceanomania: Souvenirs
of Mysterious Seas
Lecture and Exhibition
at Try-Me Art Space
Voyage on Uncanny Seas
Strange Travelers
Real & Imagined
The Peacock and The Cobra
Aldrich Contemporary
Art Museum
Air & Water
Symmetry & Myth

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